Express Service

  • Our international express mail service covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world. CAA provides users with two kinds of express products: Standard and Economy.
  • CAA-Standard service provides you with fast delivery of goods, you can choose to deliver to the Ninth or early afternoon delivery
  • CAA-Economy service can keep your shipping costs to a minimum and complete delivery within your required transit time limit
  • CAA supports remote pickup services in up to 66 cities. We have established our own customs declaration teams at major export ports around the world, such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, to handle your business requirements for import and export declarations for the first time.

Air & Maritime Services

  • CAA-Air Freight service is a cost-effective, non-emergency, heavy cargo freight solution
  • CAA-Air Freight service is suitable for the transport of goods with a weight exceeding 100 kg or irregular shape
  • We combine many years of experience, an extensive global network, and a variety of air freight service combinations to develop transportation solutions to meet your high standards of supply chain requirements.
  • Service Forms Door to door, door to airport, airport to airport to choose from, we can handle all import and export formalities and can also complete the service according to your designated terms


  • CAA-Ocean Freight is your shipping service to your destination on time with your global operating network, reliable sailing times and competitive prices.
  • Whether it is LCL, FCL or oversized cargo, we can arrange the carrier, port, customs and truck/railway service providers for you.
  • Still can choose to arrive at the gate, arrives in Hong Kong and so on many kinds of service forms
  • We can provide customized solutions when transporting special equipment or involving the rental of transport vessels.
  • As one of the highly professional customs agents, our expertise and scalable services can make your shipments cleared and cross-border transportation free from worry.

International hand service

  • The CAA Hand Carry service is one-on-one flight service on the same day or the next day for special products.
  • Brief description of service process:
  • 1. Confirm the following accurate information of Hand Carry:
  • a. Accurate time, address, and contact person for delivery in China
  • b. Types of import and export declarations: Sample delivery, export declaration or import declaration, formal declaration of export or import need to provide scan file declaration information before 10:00 in the morning.
  • c. Choice of service type in the destination country: arrival or delivery to the port. If you need to send it to the door, you must provide the prepared foreign address, contact person, and telephone number.
  • 2. Estimated quotation is divided into two parts: actual reimbursement part and service fee
  • a. The actual expenses for reimbursement include, but are not limited to, the following components: export declaration fees, import declaration fees, customs duties, airfare costs, airport transportation charges, and special accommodation fees
  • b. The service fee is based on the confirmed price of the final plan.
  • 3, program confirmation and start the service
  • a. Program confirmation includes: latest pick-up time, whether import and export declarations, flight departure time, flight landing time, estimated clearance time, expected delivery time, and service fee confirmation.
  • Uncontrollable factors include but are not limited to the following factors: flight delays, import and export customs inspections, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, and wars.
  • b. When the service is started, the progress of each stage will be updated to the client in a timely manner.


Local transportation


  • For cost-effective large-scale goods and land transportation services, whether you choose to point-to-point transport or LCL service, you can choose to receive multiple shipments and combine shipping.
  • We can arrange the next/second business day delivery in more than a hundred cities in China, provide weekend services, and provide city services in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • Our road transport products range from standard freight services such as zero-carry goods, carpool goods or truckloads, to temperature control and high-security transportation services.
  • Railway freight transportation through the single-cabinet, vehicle group and special chartered vehicles
  • All shipments are ready for shipment, allowing you to be confident when planning your arrival time
  • Trucks equipped with GPS to ensure stable & safe monitoring of trucks while connecting to CAA E-Tracking system to ensure full range of inquiry and tracking services


General storage warehouse

  • CAA DW-Service provides storage management, sorting and packaging, distribution and other inventory management services for users with shared space or private space
  • Provides flexible and flexible rental services such as cubic meters/ton and space usage, and standard environment and temperature control facilities
  • Provide special services such as delivery and return management
  • From storing raw materials to consumables, spare parts and finished products, CAA DW-Service solutions ensure that you can fulfill your customer commitments.
  • Whether using shared warehouse or dedicated warehouse services, we will provide solutions that deliver maximum business value

bonded warehouse

  • The CAA DW-Service bonded warehouse service refers to a warehouse that is specially established for the storage of bonded goods and other goods that have not been processed through customs procedures.
  • Provides flexible and flexible rental services such as cubic meters/ton and space usage, and standard environment and temperature control facilities
  • All goods entering and leaving the warehouse, inventory inventory and other actions are operated under the international common electronic management system
  • Whether it is procurement, production and import of goods can be stored in a bonded warehouse, when necessary, can be completed in the warehouse import and export and transit services.